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Stratex Ltd offers the following specialist services: Mini piling – small piling projects can be undertaken using our equipment including cased and reinforced concrete piles. Underpinning – methods of underpinning include mini piles with ground beams and ground improvement using injected polymers.


Pressure grouting – this technique is used for improving bearing capacity of foundations, strengthening retaining walls and sealing leaks to pipe systems. A full design and installation service is available. Infiltration boreholes for sustainable urban drainage systems - We can carry out percolation tests to determine infiltration rates at depths exceeding 3m. Where percolation tests show that there is insufficient permeability in the soils at foundation level this technique transports excess storm water to deep permeable layers. A full design and installation service is available.


Pre-planning surveys and site appraisals for wind farms - We can undertake peat stability assessments using the Halcrow method. Hand augering may be used where access is a problem, for example very soft surface conditions and can penetrate up to 10m in peaty soils.


Design and installation of ground anchors - We can undertake assessment of soil parameters, design and load testing of ground anchors and soil nails.